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Condoms and whores


FAQ(frequently asked questions):

my name is? Nikki Hanley

gender? female

age? 14 

when did you start using tumblr? in July of 2011 but i didn’t really start reblogging and posting until a few months after

birthday? january 22, 1997

where from? Georgia

Height? 5’3 not short, fun size

sexuality? straight, but i support all sexualities

relationship? single

languages? english & spanish

siblings? a sister named, Cassidy she doesn’t have a tumblr.

why is your blog the way it is? because it’s my blog and it’s what i like

check out my blog? i will check it out.

follow me? i will not follow you unless i like your blog.

promo for promo? probably not

send me hate i don’t care can’t break me and you don’t even know me so why the fuck would i care.